About Me

A brief introduction of myself. My name is Courtney Scherger and I completed a Bachelor of Graphic Design at La Trobe University in Mildura in 2013. I have had involvement with ‘Active After School Care’ at a country primary school and I have recently moved to the city and am thrilled to be undertaking this GradDip Ed. here at Australian Catholic University in 2014.

For me, becoming an Arts and Design teacher in the education sector will be a significant career. Becoming a teacher to me is about having the opportunity, privilege and duty able to generate a creative and gratifying environment within a secondary school in which I will pass on my creative knowledge onto the younger generation and educate a specialised field of what I am truly enthusiastic and energetic about.

The essence of being a teacher within the creative sector allows you to give every student a voice and bring out the inner artist in each and everyone of the learners and facilitate the student’s artistic development and expression through range art forms within the curriculum.  Scaffolding their ideas and seeing the result of each student’s body of work will be what I believe rewarding and satisfying.

Being a teacher also means you must show qualities of being an engaging and positive role model to your learners! Throughout my schooling and especially throughout my VCE, I had a very inspirational and motivating Arts Teacher. The constant display of passion and enthusiasm within the classroom transmitted to students, with each of us meeting our academic goals. In my arts career I want to reflect this within my classroom, it makes it so rewarding. The thought of when you step into the classroom each day and being confronted with different contests, expressive and relevant experiences as much as it will be challenging, I too will be learning!

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