My Values, Ideal Classroom & Expectations


MY VALUES as a teacher…
– Ensure positive encouragement
– Listening when others are speaking, teacher and other students
– Everyone is entitled to an opinion
– Be organised, show initiative
– Reflection
– Display respect to other students and materials
– Treat others as you would like to be treated

IDEAL CLASSROOM My ideal arts classroom contains the following attributes
– Lighting: Natural light! I feel as this is important as it lifts the vibe, creates a positive and creative atmosphere
– Work Benches: Large tables for collaborative works and workspace for larger artworks.
– Storage: Cupboards for materials and uncompleted artworks
– Wet Area: Ample sinks for cleanup.
– Resources
– Learning: Everyone has the right to learn, have a voice and a place within the classroom. EMBRACE CREATIVITY!

These attributes contribute to becoming a creative community within the arts classroom!


ideal classroom

The expectations of students within my classroom are as follows…
– Be prompt and on time for commencement of class: Pencils sharpened, visual diaries opened aand ready to go!
– Responsibility: Being on task; responsible for your own actions and behaviours and take pride and be proud of your artworks.
– Fairness: Treat all equally; every student deserves to have a voice within my classroom.
– Respect: Classroom and school property and other classmates.
…..AND of course the most important, students are to come to class with an open mind, lots of creativity and the willingness to learn!



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